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Our Practice

The goal of the Hawkeye Center is to provide the most professional vision care. Our personalized solutions will meet the needs of every patient.

Our patients are at the heart of our practice and the reason we exist. At all times, our patients will be treated with respect, dignity and compassion

Eagle Eye Center Outside View

Dr. Bao Yachun holds a bachelor's degree in biochemistry from Xiamen University, a master's degree in biology from Marshall University, and a Ph.D. from the Houston College of Optometry in 2003. She has extensive training in nursing, pediatrics, and glaucoma to manage patients who have undergone cataract and laser surgery. She is also a member of the Optometry Society.

Before launching the Hawkeye Center, Bao Yaqun practiced in many private and corporate clinics for five years. She provides basic and emergency eye care for patients of all ages in the community.
Bao Yaqun focuses on examining the vision of young people. She also pays special attention to the latest contact lens technology to provide optimal vision and comfort for patients.

Bao Yaqun often participates in various local and international voluntary activities.

In July 2011, the Group Eagle Eye Center successfully acquired the Dajun Eye Center to better serve the Chinese community. Bao Yaqun is fluent in English, Mandarin and Taiwanese.

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