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Elite Athletes Have World-Class Dynamic Vision

What it Takes to be Elite from a Vision Skills Perspective

Assessing and Enhancing Visual Performance in Athletics

Athletes understand the significance of their performance level in their sport. Their success can determine achievements such as making the high school or college team, securing scholarships, and pursuing a future career in sports. While athletes invest a significant amount of time and effort in training camps, personal trainers, and equipment to improve their performance, they often overlook the importance of their vision. Nevertheless, improving visual performance can enhance overall performance in ways that traditional training regimens cannot.

Even for athletes with normal vision, enhancing visual performance is critical to improving overall performance. This includes increasing dynamic visual acuity, decreasing reaction times, and improving eye-hand coordination.

As sports become increasingly competitive, other professions are beginning to recognize the significance of vision in performance and are incorporating visual training into their services. While these services can help improve visual performance, it is essential that athletes regularly seek the guidance of an eye doctor to accurately evaluate and manage their vision performance and eye health.


Research shows that better dynamic vision leads to improved athletic performance — and the best athletes in the world all have elite dynamic vision — no matter the sport. The FDA-cleared RightEye Vision System™:

  • Tests, records, and analyzes eye movement patterns 

  • Provides quantitative, objective baseline records that are compared to athletic norms

  • Improves your athletes’ dynamic vision with a 140+ video library of vision exercises

  • Build an objective, repeatable program to systematically assess and improve the dynamic vision of your sports organization.

Athletes are continually searching for new advantages over their competition. Our RightEye program can improves your dynamic vision.


Athletes complete their first 5-minute assessment to gather baseline data.



Our doctors review results, identify if you have visual impairments, and compare you to athletic norms.



Athletes flagged with dynamic visual impairments are assigned a customized online training program.



Athletes are reassessed after completing a training program or after suffering from a TBI-related injury.

if you have any question or would like to make an appointment for consultation, please call us at 281-491-2199

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