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Our Doctor
Our mission is to treat our patients as family!


We offer a full range of eye health services to improved the quality of your life and reduced healthcare costs.

Our goal at Eagle Eye Center is to provide the best vision care and effective solutions designed for your vison needs.


Our patients are the heart of our practice and the reason we are here. At Eagle Eye Center our core values are respect, compassion and dignity which are reflected in our patient care.


Dr. Yachin Bao OD​ is expert in special contact lenses, especially Ortho-K lenses which correct your vision while you sleep! While she is talented at treating all cases, she distinguishes herself with the ability to design and troubleshoot complex and challenging cases (highly nearsighted or astigmatic, abnormally shaped corneas, out-of-control myopia, etc.).


As one of 155 FIAOMC doctors world-wide Dr. Bao has made a serious commitment to the practice of myopia control and orthokeratology. She has undergone hundreds of hours of advanced training in this field and have used this skill to manage myopia with various techniques successfully. 

Sugar Land Office

1730 Williams Trace Blvd # J
Sugarland, TX 77478

Tel: 281-491-2199
Fax: 281-491-2332

Mon-Fri: 10:00PM-6:00PM
Sat: 10:00 AM-4:00PM

Sun: Closed

Bellaire Location: We are providing services to current patients at our Sugar Land Office.  Please send your inquiry to our Sugar Land Office: 281-491-2199

Testimony from Our Patients

HOUSTON – Brother and sister Justin and Aileen Liang are world champion jump rope athletes, and they say they couldn't compete with glasses on.

They also don't like to jump with contacts in, and even though they have poor eyesight, they jump with no vision correction at all, thanks to special sleeping contacts.

"They let me move around especially when I'm doing sports. I don't have to worry about getting dust in my eye or if I'm swimming I can just swim freely,” Justin Liang said.

Justin has been sleeping in these new contacts overnight for about four years. Aileen Liang has used them for just a few months. Neither of them has to wear anything during the day.

“Before I also wore contacts a little bit and they were like a little bit uncomfortable and they started drying up before like the end of the day,” Aileen Liang said.


See and Soar like an Eagle


Dr. Yachin Bao OD​ 

FIAOMC (Fellow of International Academy Of Orthokeratology And Myopia Control)

Therapeutic Optometrist Pediatric Specialist
Specialty Contact Lens, Myopia Control

Cataract and Glaucoma Consultation

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